Ideal for you if you need more accountability, and a more personal approach to your training, mindset and nutrition. You’ll work with Amelia closely to assess your current situation and together, discover an enjoyable, safe and effective way to help you burn, stubborn fat, feel more energised and accomplish your goals.

Small Group Training is ideal for you if you work harder and feel more motivated as part of a group with similar goals and want to make savings on personal training costs. You’ll work through the individualised program Amelia creates for you, alongside a group of 4-6 individuals to accomplish your health and strength goals.

Amelia Peters Personal Trainer

Hybrid training is a mix of online training and a monthly 1-on-1 catchup session. This is ideal for anyone who is reasonably self motivated, has some experience with exercise, but hasn’t been able to achieve the health and fitness results they want, or have tried other things that have not given sustainable long-term results due to lack of structure, consistency, motivation or accountability.

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