Amelia is both optimistic and passionate about the human spirit, teaching resilience in everyone she trains.

She has a thirst for knowledge, constantly evolving, passionate about educating and empowering clients while improving their emotional well-being.

Amelia is committed to seeing her clients achieve their desired results so they can live healthier and happier lives both internally and externally.


  • Bachelor of Exercise Science/Human Movement & Psychology*
  • Australian Strength & Conditioning Coach (ASCA L1)
  • ASA hypnotherapy practitioner
  • NSA Life Coach Certified
  • Precision Nutrition L1 Certified Exercise Nutrition
  • Powerlifting Australia L1 Coaching
  • Mechanics of Lifting
  • Certificate III/IV in Fitness
  • Boxing instructor

*currently enrolled. 


My health and fitness journey evolves from me striving toward self-mastery after being diagnosed with cancer/panniculitis and high blood pressure as a teen. I wanted ownership of my body. I wanted to feel good, and pushing my body made me feel in control and alive.

I’m proud of quests, my journeys are ever-changing. From winning state bodybuilding comps, to trekking the Himalayas climbing to Everest Base Camp with clients, to running half and full marathons with clients, I am relentless in attitude and love a good challenge.

Left: Slaying Stadium Stomp with altitude mask, preparing for Himalayas Trekking Right: Planting my Prayer Flags at Everest Base Camp

When my cancer flared up again October 2018, i was riddled with many painful lumps which demanded multiple ops, tests and scans. I was (and still am) subject to a variety of cocktails of medications resulting in drug toxicity. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, Type 2 diabetes and a neurological disorder (FND).

For six months i was captive between Peter Mac hospital and my parents home which fuelled my social anxiety. My most notable symptoms, limb paralysis where I couldn’t feel my legs and couldn’t walk, extreme insomnia, parkinsons-like tremors, nausea and chronic fatigue which fuelled my depression. My illnesses have shaped me, influenced my personality and given me a vast perspective in life.

I have always seen exercise as a preventative; a form of medicine. I believe in moderation and sustainability. We all have own set of mountainous hurdles and roadblocks to navigate- that’s part of what makes us human. The biggest struggle in life is not the external world or pleasing friends and family. The biggest struggle in life is pleasing ourselves. We are all our own worst enemies.

Give yourself the time of day, and commit. Let the physical transformation be a by-product of a healthy mindset. Here’s to good health, feeling good, eating good food, lifting heavy weights, and most of all, thriving the s#%t out of life.”

Before & Afters

Amelia Peters