Amelia strives for self-mastery and is both optimistic and passionate about the human spirit, teaching resilience in everyone she trains.

She has a thirst for knowledge, constantly evolving, passionate about educating and empowering clients while improving their emotional well-being.

Amelia is committed to seeing her clients achieve their desired results so they can live healthier and happier lives both internally and externally.


  • Bachelor of Exercise Science/Human Movement & Psychology*
  • Australian Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • ASA hypnotherapy practitioner
  • NSA Life Coach Certified
  • Precision Nutrition L1 Certified Exercise Nutrition
  • Powerlifting Australia L1 Coaching
  • Mechanics of Lifting
  • Certificate III/IV in Fitness
  • Boxing instructor

*currently enrolled. 

Slaying MCG Stadium Stomp with altitude mask preparing for Everest Base Camp

Amelia’s Specialities

Expert in fat loss and building muscle

Dietary analysis and nutritional guidance

Experienced in creating programs suitable for chronic illness and health conditions

Specialised in strength and conditioning training

Expert in self-esteem building and motivation


Amelia’s health and fitness journey evolves from her striving toward self-mastery after being defined by a lymphoma/lupus diagnosis as a teenager. Amelia felt her existence was only validated through a “medical gaze,” a phrase coined by french philosopher Foucault, which signifies the separation of a patient’s body from their identity.

17 years deep doing life with Lymphoma, hemochromatosis and the rest of it her quests and journeys are multi-faceted and ever-changing. From winning state bodybuilding comps to trekking Himalayas to Mt Everest Base Camp to endurance running she is relentless in attitude and loves a challenge. 

She is determined to make a legacy she can be look back and be proud of. She is also too extra jumping in with other peoples goals for support crew (FOMO Cheersquad) Heres her 2019 goals shes committed to complete with her crew thus far, because why not. Feel free to join 

Great Ocean Road Marathon (Apollo Bay) May ’19

Great Australian Outback Marathon (Uluru) July ’19

She takes pride in being really strong, and programming will always be based around strength training and body biomechanically sound, focusing on progression and moving her body with intention.

Before & After

Amelia Peters